Product Info

Bayou Classic 2.5-Gallon Bayou Fryer 

  • Manufacturer: Bayou Classic
  • Model Number: 700-725

The Bayou Classic 2.5 gallon deep fryer takes a more economical approach to backyard frying. Model 700-725 features the same V bottom design as the larger 4 and 9 gallon fryers, but it requires less oil to operate making it more suitable for smaller get-togethers, and single family use. 


This fryer has one large stainless basket 7.5 X 11 X 3.5 inches that keeps you frying large quantities with the smaller fryer. Oh yeah you also have two leg options, long waist height stainless legs and short stainless table top legs. Either way this is the most versatile deep fryer we sell.