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  • Manufacturer: Merial | Boehringer Ingelheim

Ivomec Eprinex® is the most potent parasite control product ever produced. Only Ivomec Eprinex® is more than 99% effective against 11 economically damaging internal parasites, including the brown stomach worm. Ivomec Eprinex® is more than 99% effective against 12 damaging fourth-stage immature larvae. Ivomec Eprinex® wipes out the larvae before they're old enough to lay eggs. Ivomec Eprinex® kills a broader spectrum of parasites than any other pour-on. And it controls biting and sucking lice.

  • Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet

Adams Flea & Tick Spray provides quick relief from biting fleas and continuous killing of flea eggs laid on the animal, breaking the flea life cycle.

Aids in the removal of external warts on livestock. Apply directly to warts twice daily. Improvements should be seen within two weeks.

Agri-Mectin® Pour On provides the proven broad spectrum parasite (internal and external, including hard to control horn flies) control of ivermectin in one convenient application. Because ivermectin is the active ingredient, you can trust Agri-Mectin® Pour On to do the job each and every time. The combination of proven performance on millions of head treated can not be matched by any other compound.

  • Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

Cydectin is a Moxidectin Pour-On wormer for beef and dairy cattle. It is an antiparasetic that controls both adult and fourth-stage larvae (L-4). Approved for use against significant internal and external parasites. A non-flammable, oil-based formulation may be used regardless of weather conditions. No slaughter withdrawal. 1 L.