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Refeeding the Malnourished Horse

Starved horses can be a product of owner ignorance or economic hardship. Regardless of the reason, a horse may end up in a debilitated state. The goal for the new caretaker is to help the horse return to good health and appropriate body weight as quickly and safely as possible. For responsible caretakers of a starved horse, there are two immediate considerations: The first step, and the most important one, is to have an equine veterinarian perform a complete physical exam.

Ice Melt vs Your Pets Paws

Winter walkways can be dangerous, but slips, falls and slides are not the only concerns pet owners should have about icy paths. Different ice melt chemicals may seem to create a safe walking surface, but those chemicals can be even more dangerous to pets than any ice.

Customer Appreciation!

Customer Appreciation

Purina® Livestock Videos

An inside look at rumen microbes in cows

To learn more about cattle supplements that allow rumen microbes to flourish, like Accuration® or the Purina® All Seasons™ Cattle Nutrition Program, visit You might wonder, what do microbes in the rumen of cows do? Or you may not have given thought to them at all. But, rumen microbes or “bugs” inside a cow’s stomach have a significant impact on how a cow digests forage. 

Great Starts

Great Starts for your cattle with Purina products.

Cattle 60 Day See The Difference Challenge

Listen to the changes people saw in their cattle by feeding Purina® mineral.

Working Cowboys and Cattle

"Working Cowboys and Cattle" The day in the life of a cowboy at Three Trees Ranch.

Beef cattle nutrition through all seasons – Cattlemen to Cattlemen

Purina’s sales specialists and beef cattle producers share experiences and discuss profitability and performance with the Purina® All Seasons™ Cattle Nutrition Program. Panelists discuss beef cattle feeding practices and improving efficiencies through a proper nutrition program approach.

Getting calves off to a great start - Cattlemen to Cattlemen

A visit to a cow-calf operation in Tennessee to see the nutrition strategies one family is using to get their calves off to a great start. The calves off with using Purina products to help get their calves off to great starts. 

The buzz about Purina® fly control

Horn flies have a significant impact on the cattle industry. Purina’s Wind and Rain® Storm® Fly Control Mineral interrupts the fly life cycle and reduces overall fly population, creating a buzz we can all live with.

Purina Wind and Rain® Storm™ Cattle Minerals

No Storm is too powerful for Purina's New Wind and Rain® Storm™ Minerals. It's a Difference You Can See™ with the ultimate weather resistance, providing even more protection from weather than our previous Wind and Rain® Minerals. That means more mineral in the feeder and more mineral available to your cattle. And that's what counts. Available in specific regions.

Great Cattle have Great Starts

Learn more about the tips Purina Animal Nutrition recommends to get your calves off to a great start as part of the Great Starts® Cattle Feeding Program.

STORM® formulation technology resists water, but not digestion.

Rod Nulik of Purina Animal Nutrition demonstrates how Wind & Rain® Storm® formula mineral improves water resistance and maintains a more effective product for your beef cattle.

Sustained® Nutrition is 12-month cow care program using Intake Modifying Technology® Feeding System.

Understand why consistent, effective cow nutrition ensures greater reproductive results, fetal development and better performance in your beef calf crop. Sustained Nutrition increases your bottom line for generations to come.